Deadline today for naming coffee bar

Today will be the last day for students to enter an original name and design for the new cafe in the library.

The items from the coffee shop are provided and run by a company named Aramark. Aramark created many generic-named cafes for high schools and now want to give campuses an opportunity to personalize it. Hebron and The Colony have their own “Java City” coffee shops that will be renamed also. Marcus and Flower Mound have not yet built their coffee shops because of current campus reconstruction but will eventually open up one as well and will seek student input for a title to more fit their campus.

Principal Jeffrey Kajs said they are looking for something catchy, something that has to do with coffee shops, but something that also has to do with the school with a creative design along with it.

“Students use it the most. I think we sometimes discount and discredit the creativity of our students,” Kajs said. “Go look at the art classes. Go look at the things they do in photojournalism. The students are really good at.”

The student whose idea is chosen will win $100 towards their meal plan. Their logo could also be fearured on the menu board, serving line ID’s, labels, posters and more. All entries should be submitted to the main office by 4 p.m. today.

Junior Kiara Beard orders from the cafe regularly and said its a good addition to block lunch.

“I like the atmosphere of the library now and the drinks are pretty good,” Beard said. “I think it’s cool they’re giving away prize money to rename it because the winner will be able to try everything.”

The coffee shop is open before school, during block lunch and during class for students with first and fourth off who come in late. It is also open to teachers, administrators, and parents who visit for meetings and confrences. Along with tea, coffee, smoothies, and bottled drinks, they also serve salads, sandwiches, cookies, health bars, chips, bagels, wraps, yogurt, muffins, and fresh fruit. There are options for caffeine-free and fat-free drinks but medium and large sizes are not available until after school.

Junior Xochitl Gonzalez has purchased coffee drinks from the cafe many times during block lunch, but has never ordered a medium or large drink.

“I usually get the cookies and cream javalanche, it’s the best,” Gonzalez said. “I don’t mind having to get the small beverages. It’s a good size and more than enough.”

State law limits the size of drinks and food portions the cafeteria can offer so the cafe has to follow the same rules during the school day.

“I think the shop and vending machines in the cafeteria give people more options on what they want to eat,” Kajs said. “Kids are going to eat what they want to eat when they want to eat it whether it’s during school or after school. We can only hope they make good choices. Looking at the food and coffee offered, it gives students an opportunity to have a variety in their day, and if that makes them feel good about themselves and they are able to function and do well in school, then I think that’s a good thing.”