Tuning for a melody

Guitar club welcomes music enthusiasts


Somari Carr

Guitar club president senior Dalton Baham practices with his guitar during the club meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 30.

As students walk through the halls, the faint sound of guitar strings being plucked to create a melody can be heard throughout the hallway near room E112. Before club president Dalton Baham created guitar club, he would usually spend his lunchtime practicing with his guitar on songs he wanted to improve on. One day, he realized he had acquired an audience whenever he would practice; so as a result of his interest for stringed instruments, he started the club for performers and music lovers alike.

“I was always interested in music [when I was little],” Baham said. “My passion for the guitar started when I started to teach myself how to play it. A year ago, I was just starting out. I owned a guitar for many years but never actually knew how to play it. So I just picked it up and started plucking strings, then I searched up a [tutorial] for a song and I started to learn how to do that.”

The guitar club was formed during the first semester when Baham asked English teacher Ashley Elms to be his sponsor for the club. However, the club is in desperate need of more performers with its audience slowly shrinking.

“I’ve loved music ever since I could remember,” Elms said. “When Dalton asked me to become the sponsor for the guitar club, I was excited to see this club develop and grow. Near the end of last semester, we had about 10 people come and listen to the guitar players but we haven’t had any success of getting that many people like that this semester.”

The recent addition of the guitar club has aided students in finding something interesting to participate in during block lunch instead of sitting around doing nothing productive with their free time. Students have a hard time finding clubs or activities they would enjoy being a part of, but with the guitar club, it provides students with a fun and productive way of learning a new musical skill.

“I go to the club from time to time if I’m not busy on Wednesdays,” club member senior Jason Harnois said. “I have a few friends that want to learn how to play and I teach them sometimes when they show up.”

The performers are always eager to meet and come up with new ideas for songs to practice; even with the slow decline of their audience, they don’t allow it to discourage them.

“I love teaching and playing the guitar so I find a lot of enjoyment in seeing fresh faces trying to learn how to play,” Harnois said. “I only play for fun and I think everyone that is involved with the club seems to feel the same way.”

Club meetings are during B-block on Wednesdays and are open for anyone who wants to come and listen to the performers play. Members are able to bring their own instruments to play or allow others to use if they want to learn.

“Everyone is welcome to join the club if they want to learn,” Baham said. “If they just want to come in and listen to us play instead that’s fine too. We bring everything from acoustic, electric acoustic and electric guitars. We even bring in 12 string [guitars] and bass guitars; as long as it is a stringed instrument, you can bring it for yourself or for others to play.”