Farmer Focus: Senior Anni Uk

‘I hope in the future this team will change life and inspire people.’


Yulyana Clemente

"I know my priority is my faith so I just try to remember what my priority is and make time on the weekends."

This week’s Farmer Focus is on senior Anni Uk who is the leader of Prism Worship Team, a program that devotes weekends to playing and learning about the love of the Lord. Uk helps to lead people in the path of the Lord for them to experience his love.



Fall or Spring: Fall

Snickers or Twix: Twix

Favorite color: Gray

Favorite Disney movie: Moana

Favorite book: “City of Bones” by Cassandra Clare



Q: How long have you been on the Prism Worship Team and a bible study leader?

A: “I’m [on the] praise and worship team [and] we sing and lead worships on Sundays. [I’ve] been doing this for about six years; the team is what made me grow and mature in my physical and mental being.”

Q: How do you manage these activities?

A: “I try to think about my priorities. I know my priority is my faith so I just try to remember what my priority is and make time on the weekends. I set a time [for tasks], so no matter how late it is I try to finish what needs [to be done].”

Q: What inspired you to become a leader?

A: “I listened to Hung Ka HMAng KO and it touched me. That’s when I knew I wanted to sing for the glory of God and that’s when I realized it will be a good thing to join the Prism Worship Team.”

Q: Who inspired you the most in your life and why?

A: “I think my youth pastor because he really opened up my views about the world [and] about my faith. He was the one that inspired me to have a dream and a vision. Things like that weren’t really spoken [about] back in Burma, no one really thought about ‘What is my dream?’ or ‘What is my vision?’ He started telling us ‘You guys must have a dream and a vision’ and that’s how I got inspired by him.”

Q: What is your favorite moment that has happened in Prism Worship?

A: “My favorite moments are when we have team nights [and] we all hang out together and do spiritual [activities]. I think [these] moments are really important [to] me because they really help me be more relaxed and know there are people [who] care in the world.”

Q: How has being the leader changed your view of things?

A: “I think it helped me because I’ve been [on the Prism Worship Team] for about six years but I have only been a leader for four years; it helps me to be a productive leader, be efficient and to really understand everyone is different. We can’t lead everyone the same way, so it helps me in school life to understand everyone is not the same. It’s our job to lead them in the right way but not in a forceful way that they will feel pressure.”

Q: What do you see in your future as a leader?

A: “I hope this is going to become a team that transforms people’s lives instead of just having a practice routine [that] goes to church on Sundays and performs [without] having any meaning to it. I hope in the future this team will change lives and inspire people.”