Playing the rhythm to his heart

Senior Jeromeiah Thomas establishes his love, future in music


Senior Jeremiah Thomas plays his piano during church. Courtesy of Brandon Thomas.

He moves his fingers gracefully across the piano while feeling the rhythm through his veins. The audience awes at his perfect execution of the song. He stands up from his piano and bows to the crowd with a gigantic smile across his face. He is pleased and touched by warmth in his heart seeing the audience enjoy his performance.

Senior Jeromeiah Thomas developed a love for music in his childhood; his passion grew when he started playing music in his early teen years.

“Since I was a kid, I was able to listen to music and understand the concept of it,” Jeromeiah said. “That’s when I realized I like doing music.”

Jeromeiah never thought he’d develop an unconditional passion for music and instruments. He always dreamed of becoming something else career wise as any kid would.

“I was one of those basic kids saying, ‘I want to be a firefighter,’ not knowing what else there was to do,” Jeromeiah said. “When I got into middle school, I realized what other options [were available] and that’s when I learned piano.”

Jeromeiah’s brother, Brandon Thomas, remembers Jeromeiah’s first encounter with a musical instrument was at a church he attended. He also believes family members had an impact on Jeromeiah’s musical abilities.

“His mother [had an influence on his passion of music],” Brandon said. “[I noticed Jeromeiah’s interest in music began] at the age of 12 on a Saturday after choir rehearsal. He asked to go on the piano.”

Ever since he first touched the piano, he fell in love with music. This encounter led him wanting to learn how to play other instruments. He currently knows how to play the piano, trombone and tuba. Meanwhile, he is learning to play the saxophone and is finishing up his sessions with drums.

“Each instrument is different and unique in itself,” Jeromeiah said. “My favorite instrument is the piano because you can do so many different things with it and especially since piano is like one of the main instruments in the world, it’s good to know.”

When he first began playing, Kennedy Thomas, girlfriend of Jeromeiah of two years, noticed he had a spectacular performing ability. Throughout the years, she’s quickly noticed his musical confidence grow from when he first began playing.

“His skill is way better than it was before,” Kennedy said. “He’s doing really good and earning a lot of money for what he does.”

Jeromeiah performs often in a local church he attends. In addition, he plays for other occasions such as school events.

“I play at a church called Faith4Life on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays,” Jeromeiah said. “I’ve [also] played at Lewisville High School, Harmon, weddings [and] funerals. I’ve pretty much played in a lot of [other] places.”

Since playing locally, Jeromeiah has met and built connections with other musicians. With his current focus on the music genres of rhythm and blues, gospel and contemporary gospel, he’s gained a following.

“I’m currently working with a couple of gospel artists who are starting to produce music now,” Jeromeiah said. “I’m also starting to meet musicians around the metroplex to show them what I’m capable of.”

To continue pursuing his goal, Jeromeiah will major in music therapy hoping to help those who are in need of relief of stress or other situations. In addition with his major, he would like to revive the meaning of what music is.

“I’m looking into Sam Houston State University,” Jeromeiah said. “But if I don’t go to Sam Houston, I’m going to major in music at University of Texas at Arlington. I just hope to achieve that I can go back to the roots of what music really meant and not just throw stuff out there to make money but to actually do it because I love it.”