Dreams coming true

Senior Tomias Robinson aims to perform on Broadway


Courtesy of Lewisville Theatre.

The auditorium is filled with people waiting for the show to start. Actors and actresses behind the curtain are completing last-minute costume fixes before they perform. One of the actors, covered with faux feathers and a beak hat on his head, watches his peers go on stage and start the first act. After he is attached to a wire hanging from the ceiling, he is raised in the air and the moment for him to shine approaches.

When the actress on stage says her last line, he flies through the air squawking like a bird and the children in the audience giggle as they watch the play.

After 11 musicals, senior Tomias Robinson aimed high for the University of Michigan (UMICH), one of the top musical theater programs in the world. He was accepted into his dream college with only months left in the school year.

“Junior year, I made a list of schools I wanted to addition for [and the] University of Michigan was actually No. 1 on my list,” Tomias said. “I thought that it was a 99 percent chance I was not going to get in, but I might as well try [however, when] I got [accepted] I cried and I was super excited [so I decided to go].”

Since he wants to pursue something he enjoys, Tomias chose to major in musical theater. His driving goal is to perform on Broadway after he is done with college.

“In order to get on Broadway, I need intense, rigorous and great training underneath my belt,” Tomias said. “I knew I was going to have to major in musical theater [because] that is what makes me happy. [With musical theater], you get to tell a story and make people feel a certain way through acting, singing and dancing.”

During Tomias’ sophomore year, he moved to Texas from Winchester, Kentucky and auditioned for the school’s musical theater production of “High School Musical” where he met theater arts teacher Wendi Brozek. She helped him apply to UMICH and gave him the courage he needed.

“I think Tomias is going to do a great job because he’s fearless [and] willing to try anything,” Wendi said. “He loves taking on leadership roles. He’s not afraid to try anything and he gets along well with everyone. He’s a type of person you want to be around because he just brings joy and happiness when he’s around.”

[With musical theater], you get to tell a story and make people feel a certain way through acting, singing and dancing.”

— senior Tomias Robinson

Tomias’ biggest supporter is his mother, Tasha Robinson-Harrison. She never gave up on him while finding the right college and helping him throughout the audition process.

“As a parent, you always want your children to achieve more than what you did,” Tasha said. “When Tomias was interested in something, I tried my best to help him to explore his interests. I’m proud of his hard work, discipline and determination.”

Senior Avery Brooks is Tomias’ best friend and supports him in everything he does. They auditioned for colleges together, which made the process easier for both of them.

“I think he’ll do very well [because] he’s very friendly and even though he’s moving to Michigan, he’ll make a lot of friends,” Avery said. “He makes everyone around him feel happy and I’m really proud of him.”

For Tomias, attending a college like UMICH is thrilling. He looks forward to meeting new people and making his way on Broadway in the future.

“Going to a school that I hope is going to help me make my dreams come true [is exciting],” Tomias said. “I’m also excited to meet all the other members of my class [and I] can make a whole lot of memories with these people who enjoy musical theater just as much as I do.”