Discovering the right college

Seniors Paige and Brooke Woelke find the perfect school in Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi


Seniors Brooke and Paige Woelke tour the campus of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Courtesy of Brooke and Paige Woelke.

Their family walks around the college campus as the twins explore the opportunities the school holds for them. As they learn about the university and how they have both of their career paths available, the sisters decide it’s the right college for them.

Seniors Paige and Brooke Woelke will be attending Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TAMUCC) and although they are twins, they are going to school for different careers; Paige is doubling in theater and business, Brooke is attending their pre-nursing program.

For Paige, choosing a college that fits the criteria for her feeling of the campus was a challenge, but she ended up falling in love with the school.

“I toured a lot [during the process] and my biggest concern was the wildlife and the atmosphere of the campus,” Paige said. “I’d be spending a lot of time there and Corpus Christi is such a beautiful campus and really easy to get around.”

Finding a school that obtained what Brooke was looking for in a college became easier when she toured TAMUCC.

“[The campus is] on the beach and they don’t have dorms,” Brooke said. “Everything about it was so beautiful, it was like a dream come true and [the school is] very affordable and it had what I wanted.”

Since Paige and Brooke have been around each other their whole lives, it was no surprise to them they’d be attending the same college. Brooke is Paige’s biggest supporter in her life and career choices.

“My parents have always supported me no matter what, but it’s hard to understand certain paths that I choose and I changed my decisions a lot,” Paige said. “My twin sister has always been the one to be like, ‘Just do what you want and make the rest work and stay true to yourself and everything will be fine.’ It’s just nice to have someone who isn’t worried about the money side of things and she really encourages me to think about who I am now and what I want at this moment in time.”

For Brooke, her number one inspiration is art teacher Eric Champion. She says he is like a second dad to her as he has been supportive throughout the application process.

“Everytime I decided I want to do something, [Eric] tries to push me to do it further than that and he encourages it,” Brooke said. “Everytime I see him, he asks me how my college process is going and whether I have it all done.”

Eric met Brooke first when he called out to her because he thought she was wearing a Harry Potter pin, but she was wearing a Supernatural pin. She then ended up in his art class and they both remembered that embarrassing moment. From then on, he has shown support to her. When he met Paige, he was often confused about which sister was who but he supported her all the same.

“I love the idea [that Paige is] going into theater [and] she’s very talented and the business side [is her] just being smart,” Eric said. “I think Brooke can do anything she wants and to do something that helps people [is exciting] because careers that help people are the most rewardable.”

Although TAMUCC is the dream college for the twins, they aren’t looking forward to the lectures and hard work that come with college.

“The workload that comes with two majors [is the least exciting part including] the bills and rigorous schedule that comes with college,” Paige said.

The twins are looking forward to being on their own and discovering what their college has instore for them. They will have the opportunity to meet new people since they aren’t living together.

“I am so excited to have my own [place],” Brooke said. “Where I’m living, it’s not a dorm [but more] like an apartment. It’s on the beach and just everything about [the school] was so beautiful. It was like a dream come true.”