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Farmers' Harvest

Schools in the district close for the remainder of the year and at-home learning continues.

District switches for safety

Valerie Benzinger, Editor-in-Chief
May 12, 2020
Only essential businesses continue to stay open in order to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Impacting incomes

Rachel Blake, Managing Editor
April 14, 2020
The Texas Department of State will host an anti-vaping exhibit on Monday, March 23 in the cafeteria from 10 a.m to 2 p.m.

Passing on information

Clarise Tujardon, Opinions Editor
March 13, 2020
The widespread fear caused by the coronavirus has motivated the public to buy out sanitary supplies.

Facing a pandemic

Rachel Blake, Managing Editor
March 12, 2020
Construction on the TECC-W career center is currently underway.

Teaching the TECC

Valerie Benzinger, Editor-in-Chief
March 9, 2020
After being dunked, junior Milly Bartolo smiles at her friend as she gets ready to throw the ball.

Freezin’ for a reason

Anna Velazquez, Campus Life Editor
March 6, 2020
Principal Jeffrey Kajs stands with Killough principal Kendra Tyler and Harmon principal Tony Fontana as he receives PTA Extended Service Award at the PTA ceremony. Courtesy of Joan Dorr.

Recognizing diligence

Clarise Tujardon, Opinions Editor
March 5, 2020
Central Elementary school assistant principal Timi Winter poses with former coworkers and friends Andrea Smith and Lindsay Henderson at an event. Courtesy of Lindsay Henderson.

Changing lives

Andrea Plascencia, Staff Writer
March 4, 2020
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