Creepy Love: Cutting Edge opens for Valentine’s Day

Spending your night walking through halls of terror, with bloody ghouls and goblins trying to give you a scare is just the way you need to spend your Valentine’s Day, or at least that is what the owners of Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth think as they host their annual “Twisted Love ” event tonight and Saturday at their new location at 1701 E. Lancaster Ave.

This is Cutting Edge’s third year hosting their showcase for Valentine’s Day. A Cutting Edge staff member described the event in a nutshell.

“It’s a zombie prom that went wrong. They [the actors] are going to coming after you after stealing their date.”

The actors that are trying to get their dates back are also the same actors who helped with the scary event during Halloween.

“We take the actors during the Halloween and we use them because we are familiar with their acting style,” the staff member added.

Junior Destiny Lopez found the event to be an odd choice for Feb. 14.

“You would suspect Valentine’s Day to be a romantic day with your love, but I would possibly go just to pretend to be scared so my babe can hold me close,”  Lopez said.

Despite hearing about the Cutting Edge haunt, Lopez has other plans for Valentine’s Day.

“I’m going to go watch ‘Warm Bodies,’ then go on a romantic date, and possibly cuddle with my love and drink hot cocoa,“ Lopez said.

With the location change, Cutting Edge has also changed its look.

“We are still doing the full haunt,” the staff member said. “We changed sceneries, we have different themes that have never been seen before.”

Lopez said that she is still open to the idea of going to “Twisted Love.”

“I would, cause it could bring us close together from fright, and I really wouldn’t care as long as I’m with my love,” Lopez said.

Admission is $25 for adult passes and $35 for a speed pass. The attraction opens at 8 p.m. and the last ticket will be sold each night at 10 p.m.