Review: Rapper brings his rage to Dallas

Machine Gun Kelly puts on high energy show

Photo by Jackie Guerrero
Machine Gun Kelly performs Friday at the South Side Ballroom in Dallas as fans hold up the letter "L" for "lace up."

Hands raised forming “L” signs for “Lace Up”  all over the South Side Ballroom (formerly the Palladium) on Friday Sept. 19 for the “No Class Tour” as the sound of chanting filled the air for the fans in attendance to see Cleveland-based rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

MGK didn’t disappoint, treating those attending to an hour’s worth of wild, loud, energetic rhymes backed with bass, guitar, drums and other instruments which added a rock flavor to the show.

A few minutes before the show was scheduled to start, the music dropped and the lights shut off. A tall podium with the words “No Low Class” spray painted in the center made its way to the stage and the members of the band walked onto the platform. Red lights and smoke accompanied the beat as drummer JP “Rook” Cappelletty starts the first song and Machine Gun Kelly, the man of the night, known to his friends as Kells, took the stage wearing a self-decorated white mask along with a red leather jacket and black/grey designed pants. The audience went wild as Kells began the fan favorite song “See My tears.”

Even if you didn’t know any of MGK’s songs, the way his energy pours out into the crowd made you want to rage with him and all the hardcore “Everyone  Stands Together (EST)” fans. Plus Kells made sure to interact with almost everyone in the audience.

This tour means that there is simply “No class, no judgement” as explained by Slim Gudz, MGK’s hype-man. “In society there is the lower class and a higher class, but not here,” Kells himself added during a post-show interview. “We are all equals and all humans so there should be no judgement.”

Kells lived up to his own words throughout the show, repeatedly crowd-surfing, and taking time after his set to high five fans and thank everyone for coming out.

A show well worth the money, featuring pumped up and inspiring music deserves a high rating, and MGK’s performance on Friday was a near-perfect show.

Lots of colors, lights and smoke enhanced the experience and gave the show a more rocker vibe contrasting the hip-hop artist’s fast-paced rap lyrics.

Friday night’s show included some newly-released music and the crowd seemed to enjoy it as fans were yelling the lyrics out and raging to it. The older material also got a positive reaction as the crowd seemed to know all the lyrics and songs that were played. Young and old were seen dancing to the beat and singing with the choruses.

The “Wild Boy” rapper made the assurance that he is more than just a wild person. Yes, he was outrageous–crowd surfing and climbing to the ceiling near the back of the room; but he performed with a lot of passion. During the show MGK had said that his tonsils were hurting and that his throat was sore, but he wouldn’t cancel the show because of that.

Although the set was a few minutes shy of an hour, it was a memorable performance and those who did not attend missed out on an incredible, unique show.