Review: The Outsiders Tour gives good vibes

Lead singer of The Ready Set talks about his favorite songs to play and not fitting in musically

The Ready Set lead singer Jordan Witzigreuter sticks his tongue out during a concert at the Cambridge Room at the House of Blues in Dallas on Nov. 15.

Colored strobe lights, loud pop/electronic music with catchy fun lyrics and two giant blown up Maneki-neko cats in the sides of Travis Rountree’s [drummer of The Ready Set] drum set, decorated the Cambridge room on the House of Blues stage Saturday night.

Even though it was freezing cold outside, inside the venue was steaming hot from all the people in the crowd squishing to get as close to the stage as possible. It was a sold-out show and packed to capacity.

I got the name ‘The Outsiders Tour’ pretty much from everything I’ve done with The Ready Set has never particularly fit into one group.”

— Jordan Witzigreuter, lead singer of The Ready Set

The Ready Set is a band from Fort Wayne, Ind. The lead singer is Jordan Witzigreuter; he also writes, produces and makes all the music in the studio himself, but when performing live he had a bassist, drummer and guitarist with him.

On this tour, The Outsiders Tour, The Ready Set debuted their latest album called “The Bad and The Better.”  Also on the tour were Against The Curb, Downtown Fiction, and Metro Station.

“I got the name ‘The Outsiders Tour’ pretty much from everything I’ve done with The Ready Set has never particularly fit into one group,” Witzigreuter said in a pre-show interview. “We haven’t fully fit into the pop thing or into the rock thing too much. So, we’ve always been on the outside.”

Every act was entertaining and got the audience jumping, singing and into the music even if they didn’t know the lyrics, but there was something different when The Ready Set performed. The crowd seemed to really get into the music and turned-up.

No matter if someone was front row or in the very back, they still had an good experience. The way the crowd moved was different than other audiences because if someone was in the back, somehow they ended up near the front, making it like a rotation. This mainly happened because Witzigreuter is very involved with his fans, otherwise known as “Giants,” and tried serenading and grabbing fans’ hands during the show. Everyone wanted a chance to touch his hand so there was a lot of pushing and shoving.

Witzigrueter was feeling under the weather with a bad cold,  but still continued to perform the entire set, and he did not disappoint.  All his vocals were on point and he did not mess up or miss any high notes.

Every song The Ready Set performed gave a good vibe to the Dallas crowd, especially the songs “Higher,” “Bleeding” and  “Give Me Your Hand.” Witzigreuter then explained his favorite songs to perform during his set.

“I like playing ‘Higher’ a lot, just because it’s new,” Witzigreuter said. “And ‘Give Me Your Hand’ is always fun because it is the closer song and there is a ton of energy in the song.”

Despite the small and crowded venue, The Ready Set provided up-beat music that kept the crowd groovy.

Rating: 9/10