Review: ‘Bloom’ tour starts off beautifully

Troye Sivan’s first show was a blooming success


Alexandra Canizales

Troye Sivan performs to the crowd of his Bloom tour on Friday, Sept. 21.

Almost one month after releasing his sophomore album, “Bloom,” 23-year-old South African singer Troye Sivan began the tour for the new album alongside Leland and Kim Petras on Friday, Sept. 21 at the Toyota Music Factory in Irving.

The day had high chances of rain but that did not stop fans from waiting outside the venue. Among the waiting crowd was venue staff walking around placing glitter in the impatient fans’ hair. Once entering the venue, the Toyota Music Factory’s friendly staff was easy to find if any assistance was needed.

The merchandise table included a variety of options for all three performers including, shirts, sweaters, beanies, sweatpants and bags. Although the merchandise did sell out of popular sizes quickly, there were numerous options to choose from if a particular size was not available.  

After Leland and Kim Petras performed, fans knew Sivan would be out soon. Awaiting fans chanted “Troye” as they grew more impatient.

“Seventeen” was the first song that was performed and set the chill tone for the rest of the concert. The mellow sound of the song was the perfect introduction to the show.

The setup for the stage was original and well planned. The stage included varying stacked levels for the band to play from. Located behind the stage was a long wall of lights. The use of lights throughout the show was incredibly well put together and the colors that appeared lit up the venue beautifully.

Sivan interacted with his loving crowd quite often, which made the connection between performer and audience feel much more genuine. Sivan made sure fans knew his emotions telling them how excited he was to finally be back on tour.

One of the most breathtaking moments of the show was when Sivan emerged from one of the levels on a beige couch, with lit up lamps behind him to perform “Postcard.” The slow, emotional song is definitely what made this show authentic.  

After performing “Postcard,” Sivan commented on his outfit change. Throughout the show Sivan would disappear and come back with a new look. Although the 30 seconds Sivan took to change outfits were quite awkward, the outfit changes spiced up the show and it’s clear Sivan tries to make the show as enjoyable as possible. “It’s our first show; we’re still feeling things out, you know,” Sivan later said.

Sivan closed the show by performing a recognizable hit from his previous album,  “Youth,” which peaked at 23 on the Billboard charts. The final song performed was “My My My!,”  which Sivan also performed live at Saturday Night Live. Although the show felt rushed and lasted no longer than one hour and 30 minutes, Sivan did not disappoint and has the potential to make a name for himself as a live performer.