Review: AK PC gaming cafe offers authentic experience

New venue provides modern vibe


Vince Miyazono

A customer at AK PC gaming cafe logs in on one of the BenQ monitors.

AK PC gaming cafe is a new venue in Carrollton that features state-of-the-art gaming equipment including curved BenQ monitors, Razer DeathAdder mice and Corsair mechanical keyboards. It also has food and drink delivery that offers a wide variety of snacks such as ramen and chips.

AK rivals Java Gaming Cafe, its competitor across the street. While Java offers a smaller, friendlier environment, AK feels more modern and spacious on the inside. Java uses membrane keyboards that always feel greasy, its chairs are ripped up and food delivery services are not offered. AK also allows customers to buy gaming hours on the PC while Java requires them to go to the front desk, which can be a long process at times depending on how busy the cafe is.

AK is overall the better cafe, but some customers still prefer Java for its comforting feel and the memories made there throughout the years. Java has a loyal following because it was the only gaming cafe in the area for a long time. Maybe someday AK will have the same effect on people, but for now, Java has the edge in the nostalgia department.

The cafe is also placed in a busier part of Carrollton than Java and parking can be challenging to find at times because it is located to the left of H Mart and in front of Sing Box. Java is located in a more remote center right across the street from AK and next to Gong Cha boba. The location of Java makes it easier to find because it isn’t buried in a shopping center like AK is.

The inside of AK almost mimics an esports arena so it provides an authentic feel when playing games such as “Overwatch” or “League of Legends.” The equipment also feels professional and will provide serious gamers an upperhand in competitive matches online.

AK offers tournaments and has a couple of private rooms for groups of people to enjoy their own personal space. The tournaments are immense and and bring out competitive gamers from all over DFW.

Although it is new and doesn’t provide the same nostalgic feel as Java, AK gaming cafe offers a modern experience perfect for both competitive and casual gamers. The cafe is clearly the best in the area and is something any gamer should check out.