Review: ‘Ready or Not’ exceeds audience expectations

Horror comedy provides thrilling watch


Courtesy of Fox Searchlight.

Fox Searchlight released a thriller, a genre commonly out of the norm for the company, but the rarity was worth it. “Ready or Not” was released on Friday, Aug. 23 and unfortunately lagged behind in box office sales in comparison to other films released the same weekend. Earning $7.55 million opening weekend while “Angel Has Fallen” topped sales with $21 million, the mystery film undoubtedly deserved more than it received.

The film follows Grace (Samara Weaving) as she marries Alex Le Domas (Mark O’Brien), an heir to the Le Domas family fortune. Grace is exposed to a dark family tradition her new in-laws celebrate and must choose how she wants to tackle her situation. “Ready or Not” does an exceptional job at keeping the film light-hearted, while taking opportunities to use the family’s wealth as a punchline.  

As seen in the trailer, when a new member is added, the Le Domas family must play a game chosen at random. To Grace’s surprise, the game chosen for her initiation was the deadliest. The movie is exceptionally more entertaining than what the trailer shows. The film reveals details of characters and the Le Domas family history that was not included in the trailer. 

The movie was called “deadly Clue” by watchers due to its mysterious characters and unforeseeable future. “Ready or Not” takes a twisted route in comparison to other “game” films such as “Game Night” and “Tag.” “Ready or Not” exceeds these films by adding a layer of comedy which was missed within the mentioned films. The dark humor of the film is one of its top qualities. The jokes were not overdone and were able to cut tension in scenes where predictability is high. 

Thriller fanatics worried the film taking place in one location, the Le Domas family mansion, was going to get repetitive or dull, but it didn’t. The filmmakers did an exceptional job creating a more intricate plot and adding substance to the film while being restricted to keeping the story in one location. The limited setting allows the audience to predict the outcomes, which helps keep the attention of viewers.

The cast did an exceptional job of portraying a morbid, unemotional family. Weaving, known for playing the villain in the Netflix thriller “The Babysitter,” fantastically portrayed an innocent bride who has to adapt to her insane circumstances. The cast was able to keep the audience’s attention, while the storyline was able to keep the audience guessing, two qualities thrillers need to succeed.                

“Ready or Not” gives viewers an adrenaline rush and deserves 4 out 5 stars. The film executed the storyline well and was able to expand on a broad idea. “Ready or Not” toys with the roles of classic villains, heroes and a damsel in distress who gathers the courage to face the family. The mystery is full of surprises, enjoyable jokes and characters watchers will love despite their circumstances. This dark comedy is worth the watch.