Review: Popular Dragon Ball game hits milestone

The 300 million download celebration has arrived


Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, a mobile game based on the extremely popular Dragon Ball Z series, has recently hit 300 million downloads since its 2015 release. With new updates for the 300 million download celebration added on Thursday, Aug. 29, the game is sure to attract fans of the series. Players can play with fan-favorite characters from the show, including heroes and villains such as Goku, Frieza and Vegeta. DBZ Dokkan Battle was created by Bandai Namco Entertainment, the company behind games such as Dragon Ball FighterZ, Jump Force and Pac-Man

DBZ Dokkan Battle has simple gameplay. The objective is to tap on colored orbs called “Ki Spheres” and collect as many as possible in order to power up characters. Characters are obtained through the summon system of the game, wherein exchange for the in-game currency called Dragon Stones, a random character can be obtained. Through this system, multiple characters can be obtained, or just one character depending on how many Dragon Stones the player chooses to spend. There are three different character rarities obtainable through the summons: Rare, Super Rare and Super Super Rare. Each of them has a distinct rate, with the highest rarity having a 10% rate. 

During the 300 million download celebration, multiple story events and a new Dokkan festival banner were added into the game. Dokkan festival banners are highly anticipated events where players can acquire highly requested characters through summons. In this celebration, the banners were based on the Cell Saga from the show and featured the two fan-favorite characters of Gohan and Cell. Players were disappointed when the characters were first revealed, but the opinion of players’ quickly changed when they were released. DBZ Dokkan Battle hit No. 1 on the top-grossing charts on the App Store in multiple countries.

The game does have its flaws; one flaw is that there are two versions of the game, a Japanese version and an international version. The Japanese version released six months ahead of the international version and has more content. The international version of the game is what most people will play on, and with there being such a huge gap between both versions, players of the international version won’t be satisfied with what is available because there will be something more enticing on the Japanese version. Players do have the advantage of knowing what will be released next in the international version of the game. 

The game is better enjoyed by playing in short sessions instead of long sessions as the gameplay can get repetitive after a while. When it comes to gameplay, there are two tasks players can do: move on the map or tap on Ki Spheres in battle. Obtaining Dragon Stones becomes difficult after playing the game for a long time as well. 

DBZ Dokkan Battle is definitely worthy of its 4.4-star rating on the App Store. Constantly being updated each month with new characters and new levels, the game is sure to last for a great length of time. With the sheer amount of content this game offers, it’s quite easy to see how this game has amassed 300 million downloads worldwide.