Review: King Princess’ ‘Cheap Queen’ tour impresses audience

Brooklyn-based artist begins first tour in Dallas


Rachel Blake

King Princess pauses during her concert at the House of Blues on Saturday, Oct. 6 to talk to the audience.

Starting off her “Cheap Queen” tour in North America, underground singer-songwriter King Princess performed at the House of Blues on Saturday, Oct. 5. The first concert date was two days after the release of her EP, containing a handful of her latest singles with one new song, “Hit the Back.” The Brooklyn-born artist surprisingly started her tour in Texas, playing two more shows in the state before moving on with the tour to Canada.

Even with the doors opening a bit past 7 p.m., fans were lined up well before then. The line wrapped the front and side of the building. “Pass the Line,” a deal advertised when purchasing tickets, gave fans a choice to enter the venue 20 minutes early with a minimum purchase of $25 on House of Blues merchandise from the gift shop or food from the restaurant. While a handful of people took advantage of “Pass the Line,” the majority of attendees opted out.

Past the steps into the venue, the merchandise booth was full of different shirts and posters, some of which were previously advertised by King Princess as a sneak peak. People waited until after the show to line up, making the wait horrendous. The shirts were fairly priced, starting at $30, so fans were relieved.

The concert had two openers, surprising a majority of the fans in the venue because no openers were widely advertised. Starting off the night was “daydream Masi,” a singer with a new-age soul feel to this music. Few people in the audience had heard of him, but it didn’t take much for him to hype the crowd up. His performance was energetic, going as far as jumping into the standing-only section. After his set, a local drag queen named “Bleach” performed a lip-sync filled act for 10 minutes before King Princess came out. Bleach’s short period on the stage left fans laughing and in awe at her talent.

Wearing a sleeveless jumpsuit with her stage name printed in glitter, King Princess matched with her band playing behind her. While the band had a slightly different design with theirs, it worked perfectly. The audience enjoyed the small touch, leaving the band to not blend into the dark background like other shows.

Rachel Blake
Opener for King Princess daydream Masi sings one of his new songs to the crowd on Saturday, Oct. 6.

Even with her voice flawlessly not failing throughout the live performance, half the songs she sang were from her unreleased album, “Cheap Queen,” which will come out on Friday, Oct. 25. The excitement for hearing the new songs was toned down because the crowd couldn’t sing along, only knowing the title of some of the unknown tracks. With a tour based and named off of an album, fans wished the album was set to release earlier or the tour started later.

While the new songs subdued the hype, King Princess also played old favorites and new singles. Fans cried along to tracks like “Talia” and jumped and screamed to “Hit the Back.” The atmosphere the artist set pushed and pulled between heartbroken love stories and feel-good anthems. Not leaving desired time to talk with the audience, she slipped between each song gracefully while surprising fans with playing guitar and piano at times herself.

The concert was exhilarating and both King Princess’ and daydream Masi’s live vocals were beyond expectation, it deserves 4 out of 5 stars. Her setlist was extensive, but it was awkward for fans to not know all the words by heart. The audience would agree standing for hours and being pushed back and forth was worth the pleasing experience.