Review: ‘Immunity’ tour leaves emotional impact on fans

Clairo visits the 16th city on her 31-city North American tour


Anna Velazquez

Clairo talks to the audience during her concert at the Granada Theater on Thursday, Oct. 24.

Twenty-one year old indie artist Clairo performed at the Granada Theater in Dallas on Thursday, Oct. 24, marking her 16th stop on the North American leg of the ‘Immunity’ tour. The tour comes after the release of her debut album “Immunity,” which was released on Friday, Aug. 2.

Opening act beabadoobee performs her group’s set at the Clairo concert on Thursday, Oct. 24.

Despite the heavy rain, fans were lined up and eager to get inside. Doors opened at 7 p.m. and the line moved quickly, preventing fans from standing in the rain for an excessive amount of time. Immediately after the front entrance, openers Hello Yello and beabadoobee’s merchandise tables were to the left and Clairo’s was to the right. The merchandise was not overpriced, as nothing exceeded $60, and there were multiple people efficiently working each booth, making the wait short. 

To kick off the night, Hello Yello gave a terrific performance. The crowd, mostly unfamiliar with the band as they are new and have a small following, seemed to enjoy the performance thoroughly, cheering and maintaining energy throughout the set. The ensemble, consisting of only three people, did not lack in any areas. They gave off a grungy vibe, which had the audience bobbing their heads to every track, immediately recognizing their potential. 

Following the performance by Hello Yello, singer beabadoobee took the stage. Her performance was lowkey, a much softer tone than the previous band. Despite her gentle vocals, fans seemed to react a bit more, as they were more familiar with the musician. This familiarity proved effective, as she interacted plenty with the audience. 

Andrea Plascencia
Lead singer of Hello Yello performs the group’s set at the Clairo concert on Thursday, Oct. 24.

Clairo took the stage at around 9:45 p.m., giving a melancholy start to her performance with the song “Alewife,” the first track off “Immunity”. Fans cheered and sang along as she proceeded to play the entirety of her debut album. Although the purpose of the tour was to promote her new songs, she did not disappoint as she incorporated classic hits like “Flaming Hot Cheetos,” a mash-up of the songs “Get With U” and “2 Hold U,” and her collaboration with singer-songwriter Cuco, performing their song, “Drown.” 

Through the entirety of the show, Clairo was joined by her band. They were the ideal accompaniment, as they did not drown out her sound but matched her vocals nicely, adding to the overall vibe of the night. Clairo made sure to interact with the crowd, as well as give an introduction to those on stage with her, which was a pleasant surprise since band members do not usually get the recognition they deserve. 

Her performance took fans on an emotional rollercoaster ride, with songs like “I Wouldn’t Ask You” which moved fans to tears. In between crying, there were light-hearted, softer tracks like “Softly” and “North” that fans adored. To conclude the night in a lively manner, Clairo gave the audience a final ounce of nostalgia by playing the songs that helped her make a name for herself, “4ever” and “Pretty Girl.”

Despite the inconvenient weather, the concert deserves 5 out of 5 stars. The event was both festive and sentimental, allowing fans to enjoy themselves and the music. The environment and overall energy of the venue was tight-knit, providing fans with a concert experience they’ll remember for years to come. The fans would agree that the sometimes uncomfortable parts of being in a standing-room venue were worth it.