Review: Locally-owned restaurant opens doors to public

Viva La Pasta offers affordable, authentic Italian cuisine


Valerie Benzinger

The decorations at Viva La Pasta make guests feel at home while eating there.

Opening on Nov. 15, 2019, local Italian restaurant Viva La Pasta attracts new customers. Positioned on the corner of Main Street and Valley Parkway, the restaurant seems inconspicuous among the other stores in the strip mall. While the storefront is lined with a small black fence and matching outside seating, the place seems hidden and can be difficult to find, especially by just driving past.

Once customers enter the front door, they’re greeted with warm, inviting decorations and staff. Customers are given the freedom to choose where to sit from a wide selection of clean tables and booths throughout the restaurant. Silverware and menus are quickly delivered by the staff as they gather drink orders. A basket of warm bread rolls arrives at the table within minutes of sitting down, along with butter and plates.

The staff wastes no time bringing drink orders to the table and checking on customers. They continuously ask if additional bread or drinks are needed and take orders quickly. The waitstaff’s constant friendly smiles and friendly conversations make the restaurant feel like home. Customers will feel welcomed and cared for while eating at Viva La Pasta.

The food offered is high-quality and tasted of true, authentic Italian food. It was delivered fresh from the kitchen and was plated beautifully. The amount of food offered for the price was fantastic; each entree had enough food for a full meal and leftovers to bring home.

For the amount of food the customer receives, the price is fair and affordable. Most items on the menu are priced at around $10 to $15. The increased price dishes contain costly ingredients and larger portions, keeping the delicious food accessible to a wide range of customers.

The exceptional service, price and atmosphere easily earns Viva La Pasta 5 out of 5 stars. The cleanliness that is wanted at any restaurant was heavily enforced. The wait time for food was perfect and the staff were friendly and easy to talk to. Overall, this local restaurant provides a stellar experience to customers and is a great option for Italian food.