Harmon art club to travel to France

Students, staff travel to Paris to experience artworks


Alonzo Lepper

Twelve students will be traveling to Paris with the travel group ACIS.

Members of the Harmon art club have been given the opportunity to travel to France to experience famous artworks from DaVinci to Monet. Twelve students and two teachers will be traveling through ACIS with art club teacher Chana Jayme to explore the famous landmarks throughout France during spring break.

“We will be learning about the artists, artwork and even creating our own artwork via sketches of the city and museums,” art club teacher Chana Jayme said. “I also hope that the students will get a new perspective on the world and a greater understanding of new cultures. This will help them to appreciate all the world has to offer.”

The students have been planning out this trip since last year and fundraising to help cover the costs. With only a month ahead of the trip, students have been learning and practicing their French.

“Each student is also researching a chosen historical site in France and presenting it to our group,” Jayme said. “That way, we all are prepped and excited for what we are going to be viewing.”

The students have been looking forward to leaving Texas and travelling overseas, overlooking fear and experiencing Europe. Gaining a taste of independence, students will venture out into the world as they explore France.

“It [is] a chance to go to Paris and it’s one of the few ways that I’ll be able to go to Paris, so it was a neat opportunity that I’ll want to make the most out of,” senior Alyssa Sage said.

After the club’s trip to New York three years ago, students questioned where they would travel to next. They considered Rome, Barcelona and London, but ultimately decided on France.

“We went to New York,” Hernandez said. “Then we were like ‘Where should we go next?’ Someone gave the idea of going to Paris, and well, back then we couldn’t go outside the country. However, Mrs. Jayme worked closely with Mr. Plunkett, the central zone leader, and we are now able to go all the way to Paris with no problems at all.”

After studying impressionism, expressionism, romanticism and Rococo art, all of which Paris is the epicenter of, some look forward to seeing the Eiffel Tower and others look forward exploring the famous artworks.

“I’m going to grow my knowledge of diversity and the artwork,” Hernandez said. “I saw Jayme’s Snapchats [and] Twitter posts [of the trip she took to France]. It looks so beautiful and I can’t wait to go and experience that for myself.”

Jayme packed the itinerary with bike rides throughout Versailles, a boat ride on the Seine and a sketching class in Montmartre.

“Planned for the week [we] are going to the Louvre, the Orsay, climbing the Eiffel Tower and visiting Notre Dame,” Jayme said. “We will also take part in special tours of a Parisian school, a pastry class and a perfume tour. In our free time, we are hoping to visit the catacombs and of course, shopping.”

Not all of Jayme’s students are able go on the trip, but throughout the year, opportunities exist to travel to local art museums and experience art firsthand as well.

“We will always learn art history in class and I will share my experience in hopes that students one day will be able to travel to the places I teach them about,” Jayme said. “While it may not be Paris, we continually plan field trips to our amazing museums right here in North Texas. The [Kimbell Art Museum] and [Dallas Museum of Art] are full of great art that our students love to see.”