Funding rides for a cause

“Drive 4 UR School” raises money by test driving cars


Lizeth Godinez

Stuco will host the "Drive 4 UR School" fundraiser on Thursday, Sept. 26.

Cars are lined up, each new and never been used before, still having the “new car” smell. They range from work trucks, sleek sports cars or the average four-door Sedan, but they all have one thing in common. A circular sticker with the words “Drive one 4 UR School” are plastered somewhere on the car, encouraging participants to test drive them.

StuCo will host “Drive 4 UR School,” a fundraiser which earns money for the school by test driving cars on Thursday, Sept. 26. Parents, teachers and students 18 or older with a valid driver’s license are encouraged to join with spots still available. They can sign up by picking a time slot on the SignUpGenius page for the event.

“We enjoy [hosting Drive 4 UR School because] all the students set it up,” StuCo adviser Allison Stamey said. “It’s fun to have our community come in [and] go out and drive. Just has us all there having fun. It’s fun, and it works, and Ford does a really [good] time.”

The event is done with the help of Sam Pack’s 5 Star Ford and director of community relations Sue Bowman. Stamey provides a date and Bowman handles the rest of the planning. Those participating in the event are able to choose whichever car they want to drive with StuCo greeting and encouraging them to test drive.

“I participated every year they’ve had it that I’ve worked here,” attendance clerk Lile Blair said. “It’s super easy and you get to drive some really cool cars. The mustang [is my favorite].”

The money raised will be used to fund the school events and help pay for student resources, such as textbooks or iPads. With each car tested, $20 is gained for the school and up to $6000 can be raised in the day, compared to weeks long fundraisers where $3000 is earned.

“It makes me proud because our school always hits the mark,” principal Jeffrey Kajs said. “With the budget constraints that all schools across the state are feeling these last few years, we’re constantly looking for ways to supplement our revenue to help kids out. This added money to our school from the Ford Motor Company allows us to help a lot of students.”

People participating will sign a waiver before picking up the keys to the car they would like to test, then drive around the Main campus’ front parking lot at the time slot they signed up for. ‘Drive 4 UR School’ not only provides a unique driving experience to students and teachers, but the extra funds help with school budget needs.

“[I] ask [people] to support their school, that’s why it’s called ‘Drive 4 UR School’ because it goes directly into our school on the funds,” Stamey said. “They’re helping their school financially just by test driving a new car.”