Column: Conquering the world as a duo

'Of all the struggles she faces, what keeps my mom going is me and my love.'

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Column: Conquering the world as a duo

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It’s just the two of us. My mom and me. Us against the world. Every day I notice that being a single parent is demanding on many levels; it can be a physical, mental and emotional challenge.

Although I know my mom struggles, she always seems to find a way to solve the situation with a smile on her face. Honestly, I don’t worry because I know she is strong in ways I can’t even begin to explain.

I know my mom wishes she could have a partner to lean on. While I want her to find that special someone, I don’t think she needs one. She is amazing all by herself.

My mom wishes she could do better and be there for me more often. I hate to see her feel that way. I always tell her she is doing an awesome job and to stop beating herself up.

She has even told me we are our own worst critics. Though I understand this, I always feel the need to tell her she is the best mom in the world.

Although she plays a big role in my life, my mom wishes she could take a break. I know she has to worry about her demeanor, behavior and actions, along with taking care of me. She also must worry about how all of this can or might impact the people around her.

The situation that puts the most stress on my mom, besides taking care of me, is how I will do when I am faced with a challenge. At times my mom worries about my ability to handle a situation. But most important, she worries about my safety.

My mom is a strong and loving woman who faces life head on. She tells me every day I just have to do what I have to do to get the job done.

My love for my mom’s advice is indescribable because I know when it comes to her, she never thinks twice about her responsibility. She feels like it’s her duty to get things done, not sparing a glance on the challenge but on the finish line.

She tells me all the time that as long as we have food on the table, a roof over our heads and clothes on our backs, we’re fine because that means we’re doing what we have to do.

She goes on day by day because she believes that’s all she can do. She always tells me that in life, a person can never over plan because life happens and it’s not likely going to go the way it’s ‘supposed’ to.

Of all the struggles she faces, what keeps my mom going is simply me and my love. Seeing me grow into my own person and being able to share the challenges we face allows for our relationship to strengthen and deepen.

Although she is a single parent, it’s not hard for my mom to make friends. She makes it a point to have friends who have kids or friends who are OK with me tagging along. At times, my mom’s responsibilities as a single parent can wind up interfering with her work. It doesn’t make it any easier when she has to work late.

Sadness engulfs me when my mom has late nights because she comes home and will go straight to bed. I don’t really mind because I know that she has had a rough day and just wants to rest. While I know my mom’s responsibilities interfered more with her work when I was little, they still take a toll on her today.

Because my mom has never been married, being a single parent is her reality. To me, my mom is everything. My love for my mom’s brightness, friendliness and outgoing personality is beyond imaginable.

My amazement at how alike we are is indescribable; we both have the same laugh, outgoing personality and even the same sassiness. I will always and forever be a momma’s girl and I have no shame in that.

She is my idol and my inspiration. I hope to someday face life head on like she does.