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Artwork by Alonzo Lepper.

Artwork by Alonzo Lepper.

Artwork by Alonzo Lepper.

Battling for prom supremacy

April 19, 2018

Protecting the hierarchy

It’s the night so many have been waiting for. The night all girls plan weeks in advance. Everything must be perfect. Perfectly placed pins, cascading curls and flowing dresses, it’s the night where students feel like royalty.

This extravaganza is the one event the school and students alike probably spend way too much money on. Prom is supposed to be exclusive, only for the kids who want to participate and spend their money. That is why this special night should only be for seniors.

Senior year is a pivotal year for students. It is the last year before each student’s life “truly begins” and prom is the perfect way to celebrate that. High schools all across the country keep prom a senior only event, which makes the event that much more special.

Because the event is open to juniors, that means more students are able to go. More students means a larger budget has to be allowed to make room for a larger crowd. Also, because juniors have the opportunity to go twice in their high school career, the significance may become polluted.

Prom is supposed to be a celebration of the end of high school. With it being so close to graduation, it signifies the school’s appreciation toward the seniors and their closing of lifelong memories.

Just because juniors plan the dance, doesn’t mean they earned the right to go. Every senior was once a junior and each person can wait until their senior year to experience the dance. Like everything else, high school is a hierarchy. Senior year is the time when students finally experience all of the senior activities.

Juniors may decide not to go because each student has the opportunity to go twice. Thus, the amount of students expected is reliant on if juniors decide to join in on the festivities. Prom planners become focused on recruiting two classes instead of one to make sure they reach their quota.

Besides once juniors are allowed to attend the event, prom starts to be more accessible to underclassmen. More freshman and sophomores may end up going because juniors may be more closely related to the younger grades than compared to the seniors.

Regardless of the junior class’ contribution to prom, the event should extend only to seniors. Nobody thinks back and remembers prom as that one junior night to remember, it’s always been associated with seniors. So while prom is technically open to juniors, it should solely be a senior privilege.

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    Justice for the juniors

    Prom is a special time of year for all high school students. While prom is important to everyone, seniors believe prom should strictly be exclusive for themselves. Juniors think they should go because they are the ones who fundraise for the preparation, decorations and theme.

    Juniors do all of the work to prepare for prom, making it easier on the seniors so they won’t be stressed out more than they already are. It is a good opportunity for juniors to have a chance to go to prom that year and get it out of the way, so they will have one less thing to stress about when they are seniors.

    The concept of prom is either having a date or going as a group with friends so that students don’t seem like loners at the biggest event in high school. Having the option to go as juniors takes the load off, struggling to get a date for prom at the last minute. Having a date can enhance the experience but it is OK to go with a friend group and just hangout.

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    With two school years to plan out for prom, it helps juniors save time to find a date if they don’t have one the first time. Students can even go twice if they want to have two different experiences of prom.

    The main reason why juniors should be able to go to prom is because they want to have the same experience as the seniors. Seniors need to understand juniors have the same right as them to go to prom.

    So in other words, if prom was only allowed to seniors, it wouldn’t be fair to not include the underclassmen. If juniors weren’t allowed to go to prom, they wouldn’t put a lot of time and effort into making prom grand enough for only the seniors to go. So, the only solution is that prom should stay open to juniors and seniors to save all of the confusion and allow students to enjoy all aspects of prom.

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