Column: Saying goodbye to my other half

‘I didn’t want to lose my best friend.’


"She means so much to me." Courtesy of Margarita Morales Porrs.

I always knew this day would come.

Although, I never wanted it to.

It’s like watching something collapse.

You know it’s coming but there’s nothing you can do to prevent it.

My best friend for as long as I can remember is leaving in a few months for boot camp in her process of enlisting into the U.S. Navy.

I have to say, a part of me is happy for her.

And the other part of me doesn’t want her to go.

But like most things, everything comes to an end. However, not all goodbyes are permanent.


My friends and I were sitting down at our usual lunch table. Upon eating, the conversation that makes everyone become serious popped up: “What do you guys plan on doing after graduation?”

After sharing, my friends and I realized most of us are going to stay quite local.

We were all happy at the fact we wouldn’t have to separate yet.

Eventually, it was Daisy’s turn.


Daisy is someone I consider a best friend.

We’ve been friends ever since our childhood and have never been separated.

She’s a special friend to me and knows every single one of my darkest secrets, as I do hers.

We’ve been through every dumb argument with each other and always somehow managed to pull through.


Us leaving each other was one of my biggest scares.

She means so much to me.

To not have her would be difficult.


Everyone got quiet to hear what Daisy was going to say.

I still remember seeing hesitation written all over her face.

She was as nervous as I am when I’m called up to present to a class.

My friends and I pressured her to tell us in excitement.

She eventually built the courage to speak.

That’s when she announced she was planning to join the U.S. Navy and was starting boot camp relatively soon.

We all went quiet and I was at a loss for words.

I felt my heart sink deep into my body.

Several thoughts and concerns were going through my head, I didn’t know how to respond.

I stayed quiet.

My head was quickly piling up the possible arguments that could persuade her from going.

I didn’t want her to leave me.

I didn’t want to lose my best friend.


A few months have passed since the big announcement and I’ve felt better about the situation.

I realized, separation is OK.

Although, it’s going to be hard for a while.

I also noticed it was completely selfish of me to think the way I was.

I was upset and didn’t want her to go.

But then again, who wouldn’t feel the same?


I can’t say I’m not sad about it anymore.

It’s like when you know someone is dying so you try to spend a majority of your time with them.

Even though water will soon separate us,

It’s not the end.

Just like bodies of the water,

They all meet together somewhere.


Daisy Olivas, my best friend.

A name I will continue to hold close to my heart.