Column: Oppressed by society

‘All we need to do is rise up.’


Joel Cortes

"Society has gone to great lengths to oppress gamers, even saying that gaming for long periods of time is a disease."

Editor’s note: This column was written with satire for comedic purposes.

As a gamer, I am able to see the unjust treatment of gamers in society. The government blames us for the violence in the world. Gamers around the world need to rise up to stop this oppression.

I’ve openly been a gamer for seven years. Ever since beginning my path as a gamer, I’ve noticed the unfair way society treats us. Recently, society has wanted to eradicate video games for causing violence. But as a gamer, I can testify and say video games do not make me violent. It’s all just a lie by society in order to oppress us. Society has gone to great lengths to oppress gamers, even saying that gaming for long periods of time is a disease. When in reality, it’s a way for gamers to escape this cruel reality.

Now that I have opened your eyes to the atrocities society commits against gamers, you must be feeling terrible for what we go through, but gamers do not have it so horrible all of the time. I think society is actually jealous of us. Our minds take in and process information faster than those who are not gamers, making us intelligent and able to adapt so we can take gaming to new heights. In recent times, a few brave gamers have risen and made a career out of gaming. Ninja, a famous Fortnite player, is an excellent example of this, making an average of $500,000 a month from gaming.

Even gamers who are able to start careers from it are still oppressed, and I know what you might be thinking: “How can gamers who have made it by playing video games not be accepted by society?” But that’s the funny thing about society and gamers. No matter what we do, we will never stop being oppressed because society doesn’t understand us. They will never understand the hardships we go through, like the pain of being called a noob. Society will always tell us we are failures. When we fail levels we have put so much effort into beating, the amount of mental damage is crippling.


As an avid supporter of the gamer community, I believe it is possible for my fellow gamers to end the oppression. 

All we need to do is rise up. 

Gamers need to come together, but in the gamer community, this is currently unattainable. The gamer community is divided: PC, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo and mobile players do not get along. Console wars have been around since the dawn of video games, but in order to end the oppression, we must abolish these old traditions.

If all gamers can put aside their differences, I truly believe we can end the oppression of all gamers and create a society where we can live in peace.