Column: Growing by your side

‘I wondered what you would be like for a while, but whatever you want to be, I know you’ll be amazing.’

Your tiny hands, the ones which will win you many rock paper scissors games with friends, hold onto my finger and my heart melts. I did not know what to expect from you, but I did know I was going to love you; so far, it’s true.

It’s November 2019, we have known each other for about three months. Nothing too out of the ordinary has happened, other than my immense love for you has only continued to grow.

“I wish I could slow time down to watch you grow.”Alexandra Canizales

When you were nine days old, I helped your mom take you to the doctor so she could check your blood. Your mom and I were both nervous, not wanting to hear your cries from the unknown feeling you were about to experience. You didn’t even cry. Instead, I was the one shedding tears watching you. Emotions were high; I’m sure I teared up because of the love I felt and because I know you will have to experience doctor appointments you will not find as easy as this one.

I can’t make the pain go away but I will be by your side to ease it or give you helpful tips to avoid it. For example, do not try to ride a skateboard down a hill if you’ve never had any previous experience with a skateboard. It’s not going to make you any cooler.

It’s better to be safe than sorry for absolutely anything. So, bring an extra pair of whatever it might be to a camping trip or a friend’s sleepover. Stay away from jumping in the pool even if it doesn’t look too deep and you think you can swim. It’s always be embarrassing in the end.

I wondered what kind of music you will like. I’ll try not to judge your music taste because music is interpretative, and if it makes you happy, it’s good for me. Your mom mentioned how when you were inside her belly and “Day N Night” by Kid Cudi played, you would begin to kick and make your presence known, so I think we’re on the right track with the music taste.

“I hope you grow up and enjoy all that makes you happy.”Alexandra Canizales

Whatever you might like, I hope you like it because it makes you happy and not because your friends’ bad taste influenced your opinion. I do promise to Google anything you begin to like which sounds out of the ordinary to be better informed; I don’t know what you kids are going to be up to in the future.

I hope you grow up and enjoy all that makes you happy. I wish you will never have to experience inconveniences that you think about five years later. I have many from my middle school years and I promise if you share yours, I’ll share mine and we can laugh about them together.

I can’t wait to see the amazing accomplishments you achieve. Actually, I can wait. I wish I could slow time down to watch you grow. I wonder what you would be like for a while, but whatever you want to be, I know you’ll be amazing. I promise to be by your side forever, including when you need it most. But I know you’re going to be fine and more than that; you are a Leo, after all.