Senior Goodbye: Arrivederci amigos

‘Gamers and kings, go make me pog.’


“This is the time in your life where you aren’t held to the standards of an adult, so make every moment count.” Courtesy of Abbas Alazawi.

Goodbye world.

Alright, I think I need a better way to go than just that.

Where do I start, really? High school is, or was, an experience I will never get back. So all I can do is take what I’ve learned from it and what the people I’ve met there have shown me. I can’t say I loved every moment of it, because that isn’t true for anyone, but I can say the experiences I’ve had are probably going to be my peak.

I have certainly mellowed out. My bombastic attitude and near-constant spewing of controversial phrases that carried over from middle school faded. I don’t have any amount of pride for it. I always said if I were to meet my freshman year self, I would break into a fistfight with him and that still holds true. Change did not come solely from me however; it was a collective transition really.

Before I get into it though, I want to say something to the boys of the years beyond. For the love of god, be yourself. You all have skills and shouldn’t be afraid to develop them. You should not be scared of doing something harmless and stupid because “it’s embarrassing.” I can recall three points in my high school career where I found myself in a dress, and do I really care? No. That sort of stuff is what makes you look back and laugh, either out of embarrassment or fondness. It’s being you during the only time in your life where you can actually be yourself. This is the time in your life where you aren’t held to the standards of an adult, so make every moment count. Gamers and kings, go make me pog.

To the best group of friends I’ve ever had: Thank you. I met each of you guys around the same time freshman year and looking back on it, I had no idea how we all became friends. I was an outsider with no connections to any of you but you still let me inside your circle. We’ve been through a lot, but at no point did I ever not want to be friends with you guys. The banter between all of us was the stuff of legends. The Discord and Skype calls that reached way into the nights where we did nothing but play games and talk about our lives were highlights during my time in high school. The Dungeons and Dragons games we had, and will continue to have, will always be memories I hold in high regard. Thank you guys for being the best people I know.

To Chris(topher) Bland: I don’t have a brother, but you are the closest thing I have to one. We’ve experienced so much together and been through a lot. You helped me out of a breakup, through perhaps the worst time of my life and pushed me to go further beyond. You annoy the heck out of me sometimes, to the point I want to tackle you. But that’s what having siblings is all about: you bug each other and get on their nerves. And at the end of the day, you love them like family, and that’s what you are to me. 

To Krispy: Not going to lie, I never saw myself making it this far. When I saw you at work for the first time, I saw you as a cool person. But when has anything been concrete with me? All it took was an entire summer and shove from a friend but I couldn’t ask to be with anyone else. I aspire to have your sincerity and your sense of goodwill. Our shifts at Braum’s are the ones I look forward to every time. I know I can’t exactly say goodbye to my girlfriend without it coming across the wrong way, so how about I just say goodbye to the wonderful memories we’ve made together and look forward to the ones we’ll make in the future :] .

How do I say goodbye to high school? Middle school and elementary were just a note in my life but high school was an entire chapter. I guess the chapter must come to a close, but I do want it to be poetic in a way.

To everyone in high school I have known: Thank you for being a part of my life in one way or another. Everyone mattered to me in some way because it’s hard for me to hate people.

To the friend’s I don’t talk to anymore: You all were, and still are, important to me and I still wish the best for you.

To my ex: I know it ended on a rather bumpy road but you’re a good person and I hope you do well.

To my teachers: What can I say? You all sculpted me into an AP student, you all taught me so much. History would mean nothing to me if it wasn’t for Mr. Roper and Mr. Hamilton. Mrs. Jennings spoke words of wisdom to me that I still hold in high regard. Mrs. Pinkham and Mrs. Haynes had the honor of putting up with my tongue-and-cheek humor with seven layers of irony and still pushing me to do more.

I can’t say I am sure I will keep in touch with many people after high school, so for the people I won’t see anymore:

Good afternoon, good evening and goodbye.