Volleyball season nearing an end

Team plans to make it to playoffs


Yulyana Clemente

Senior Christina Cowsert and juniors Dawt Mawi and Emerson Coburn prepare for the play during the game against Marcus on Tuesday, Oct. 9.

The volleyball season is coming to an end with only three games left. The team is determined to win the remaining matches and push onward to the playoffs with a current district record of [5-6]. Head coach Libby Rodriguez has been helping the players with their defense to improve the team’s chances of winning.

“We keep growing in every game and as a coach that is all you can ask for from your team,” Rodriguez said. “You always face different challenges each game. Our biggest challenge isn’t necessarily other teams but more our side of the net. I think we are constantly working to become [more] disciplined and consistent.”

With this new tactic on focusing on defense and team coordination, the players have become a well-disciplined team.

“I’ve noticed that I have majorly improved on my skills,” junior Emerson Coburn said. ”I have become a better team player this season.”

Even with all of the new strategies to give the team advantages during games, the competition is still as fierce as it has been in previous games.

“Flower Mound, Coppell, Marcus and Hebron are always very good competitors,” Rodriguez said. “We lost to all of them but played Flower Mound and Hebron very well.”

With having a good district record, the players strive to achieve their goals during games to improve their chances of victory.

“We have high hopes for making it to the playoffs, we just have to keep focused and not make as many mistakes as a team,” senior Christina Cowsert said. “We can’t let every loss discourage us and make us doubt our ability to be a great team.”

With morale being at an all-time high and the end of the season approaching, the team is eager to play the next two games and expects to do well. The next game is at home against Irving on Friday, Oct. 19 at 6:30.

“I have a good feeling we will make it to playoffs and I have high hopes we will win,” Coburn said. “We just need to stay focused and can’t relax during a game. If we don’t lose focus, we won’t make as many mistakes during the game.”

The team continues to practice every day to ensure they stay focused on the upcoming games. With the season coming to a close, the players are more determined than ever to achieve their goal this year.

“We have a chance to still make playoffs; we will need to win the rest of our games,” Rodriguez said. “My expectations of playoffs, winning and working hard every day is still very high for the team. We will need to play our best volleyball to get these wins. We will need to play more as a team in order to win.”