Springing into play

Families, fans anticipate spring football game


Courtesy of Lewisville Football.

The spring ball game is an annual, maroon and white game where players are split into two teams and scrimmage against each other in a game-like atmosphere. The festival started two years ago when head football coach Michael Odle came up with the idea. The game is on Thursday, May 16 with junior varsity starting at 4:30 p.m. and varsity starting at 7 p.m.

“[The spring ball game] concludes our spring training, which is 18 practices in 34 days,” Odle said. “We make it a festival where we come out [and] have vendors, people come out and celebrate and then we play the game, let the kids put on uniforms and play.”

Since the tradition has started, it has evolved into an event where community members are encouraged to go out and show their support for the football team. With each spring game, the team and coaches hope more people attend.

“[People should come to the spring ball festival] to support the kids, to support the community and the school and just to see the players excited to see what we got and what [the event] is,” Odle said.

The joy of the game and festival isn’t only for families and fans, but for players who look forward to running back onto the field to play with their teammates again. There will be food trucks and games for younger fans as well.

“We get to put on [a festival] for our community and let them have fun watching us and what we have for upcoming season,” junior Ben McAfee said. “[I’m excited to] go out [on the field] and play next to all my brothers.”

The purpose of the spring game is for coaches to evaluate the players and see the improvement they’ve made from offseason.

“There’s two games that are going to be played, it’s just going to be fun what we have going for [the team] next year,” junior Khristian Versey said. “I’m looking forward to seeing who’s going to be the best players on the field and just to see how good we’re going to be too.”

With a long break from football after the end of the fall season, students and fans are encouraged to come out to enjoy the scrimmage, support their school and keep both the old and new spring traditions alive.

“It’s just fun to get back out and see some football,” Odle said. “We haven’t had [a game] in a while so it’s a good opportunity to come watch.”