Anticipating a new beginning

Girls’ basketball team to start season against Grand Prairie


Valerie Benzinger

Freshmen Mya Dotson and Seimone Griffin work with coach Brittany Foster during morning practice on Wednesday, Nov. 5.

The girls’ basketball team looks to open the 2019-2020 season on Friday, Nov. 8 against Grand Prairie at home. Taking on this season with a younger team than in previous years, players are confident in themselves despite their circumstances. The group seeks improvement by focusing on areas of inexperience within the team.

“We are a completely different team,” head coach Sally Allsbrook said. “We’re just working on skill development and learning new offensive and defensive concepts that we haven’t gone over.”

Last season brought positivity for the team and set standards for the organization that they hope to excel beyond with this year’s group. Since last year, the team realized the importance of work ethic, taking inspiration from former key players to maintain a strong bond.

“Last season was pretty good for the team,” senior power forward Sydney Savage (24) said. “The bond was there for a lot of us. We were all friends so our chemistry on the court worked well and we just played to the best of our ability with the help of coach and the time we put in.” 

Obtaining high district standings and getting to playoffs during previous seasons has set standards and created new challenges for the team. Learning to differentiate themselves and becoming a different yet equally as strong team has been a goal. However, they plan on maintaining the energy created last year despite being a younger team.

“[This team is] trying to make it their team and not last year’s team, knowing that they [can] get to identify this program in a new way,” Allsbrook said.

[This team is] trying to make it their team and not last year’s team, knowing that they [can] get to identify this program in a new way.”

— head coach Sally Allsbrook

The team is led by junior captain and shooting guard Haley Allen, who believes in the importance of sportsmanship and leadership with the team. Allen hopes to be able to come first in the 6-6A district to improve upon the team’s second-place standing in last season.

“I can step up by leading my team and allowing them to know that even when we have our bad days, I’ll be there to pick them up,” Allen said.

Savage believes an asset of the team which is always present is their powerful bond. Becoming comfortable with each other only improves their on-court ability to play. The team hopes to strengthen its connection as the season progresses and begin the season as a tight unit, knowing close relationships can improve their game. 

“A good thing about this season and previous seasons is we were never divided,” Savage said.  “We’ve always had great chemistry, therefore, our bond has always worked out on the court as well. Even if you’re not an open person, everybody is open to talk to you and you don’t have to feel out of place. If something happens that you do wrong, nobody makes you feel bad for it. We hold each other accountable.”