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Hayden Vance
“I know good and well when to stop, I just choose not to.” - Hayden Vance. This quote sums up the motive behind everything senior Hayden Vance does. He always goes for 110 percent completion...or at the very least 85 percent completion. He doesn't take much seriously and always seems to find the good in situations. He has yet to see a movie he absolutely hated (that is, one he didn't already know he was going to hate *cough* "Noah" *cough*). He loves a good joke and will laugh at almost anything, even if it is crazy insensitive and/or offensive. As long as it's well thought out and funny, he'll laugh. Hayden is a brilliant writer, and being in newspaper is one step closer to his lifelong goal of one day being famous enough to be put down in a textbook. Don't ever start an argument about "Star Wars" or "Lord of the Rings" with him. You won't win.

Hayden Vance, Reporter

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