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Farmers' Harvest

Raesheen West
Raesheen West is new to the newspaper crew this year. She loves the dark, which is ironic because she is terrified of anything in the dark; being completely relaxed is hard when she always hears a mysterious noise that leaves as soon as it comes. Food to her is a blessing, especially when she wakes up to the smell of eggs and bacon having a symphony-like effect on her senses. Raesheen absolutely adores the color black. She wears it almost every day in some way or another whether it’s a shirt, pants or even her socks. It surprises a lot of people that she loves, loves, loves to be alone. Raesheen isn't the social butterfly she is seen as, and is actually really shy at social events. Overall, Raesheen is your go-to girl for pictures when it comes to Photoshop, video editing or just taking them.

Raesheen West, Reporter

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Raesheen West