Intervening with learning

May 22, 2020

Due to the altering of the traditional learning environment, the education process for students enrolled in assistance and intervention programs has been seriously affected. For dyslexia interventionist Julie Mining, the current pandemic is a cause for concern, as she has had to find alternative ways to serve her students.

“It was difficult to transition to online schooling because so many of the things we do in class require [tools] that are in my classroom,” Mining said. “They are not things students would have in their homes.”

Tracking progress and seeing that kids are advancing in their learning is another challenge for Mining. The physicality of the classroom setting facilitated the education process and eliminated the struggles dyslexic students often face when taking in new information.

“The greatest obstacle during this time has been trying to teach a multisensory curriculum without all the materials we use on a daily basis in the classroom,” Mining said. “[I am not] able to observe students as they do their work during our lessons. The observations help guide my differentiated instruction for each student.”

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