Introduction to the digital classroom

May 22, 2020

What was supposed to be a week of spring break quickly turned into months at home as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Despite these unfortunate circumstances, the academic year was not complete, meaning teachers had to change their traditional classroom setting and provide a digital learning experience.

“Environments are fluid and depend on the circumstances,” Creekside Elementary assistant principal Iliana Diaz said. “With that being said, there has been much adjustment from working in a building to working from home with a completely new set of tools. It’s a very uncertain time when everyone is trying to do what they believe to be best for those depending on them. For teachers, that includes their loved ones and their students. Educators, in general, are very adaptable.”

Though teachers have figured out ways to accustom themselves to this new online regime, they have encountered plenty of obstacles, such as making sure all students’ needs are met regardless of the limitations.

“The biggest adjustment has been communication,” Alice Moore Alexander Elementary principal Lindsay Henderson said. “We have had to adjust to phone calls, video conferencing and emails rather than our normal face-to-face communication. Another adjustment is the increased communication with families that is needed to ensure students are able to access learning resources and [continue] to learn.”

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