Factoring in achievements

Mu Alpha Theta provides tutoring for struggling students


Valerie Benzinger

Junior Krisalin Salgado receives math tutoring from a Mu Alpha Theta member after school on Wednesday, May 1.

Mu Alpha Theta is a national honor society that recognizes students for their achievements in mathematics. The club members offer tutoring to struggling students on Wednesdays before school from 7:30 to 8:05 and after school from 3:45 to 4:30.

“I was well-qualified in all of my math classes [so] I was inclined to apply [last] April,” senior president Evan Roman said. “I recorded what math classes I took on the application, and by having good grades in them that were verified by the sponsors, I was able to be inducted in May 2018.”

The students who choose to join Mu Alpha Theta have to meet certain requirements. The club is an honor society, similar to National Honor Society, so the sponsors have high standards for the members.

“[Students who wish to join Mu Alpha Theta] must have an 85 or above average in all of their previous math classes, ” sponsor Shari Mayes said. “The organization is full of like-minded students who are good at math.”

The tutoring the club offers can be helpful to students who are having difficulties in their math courses.

“I [utilized Mu Alpha Theta] during Calculus AB and it was very helpful to learn from other students,” senior member Justin Samuel said. “It drastically improved my grade.”

The organization provides its members a chance to bond with other students they otherwise would not have met. The connections the club creates could be beneficial to its members in the future

“After joining, I learned [the] club is not only about math,” Roman said. “It’s imperative to have a strong relationship with those you can relate to or share common interests with. This remark is crucial to keep a club active and enjoyable, while catering to others in our school community through random acts of kindness. Maintaining a balance between those within and outside the club is the true element of a successful club.”