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Holmes makes an explosive comeback with witty humor

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Sequel to the original 2009 blockbuster, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,” directed by Guy Ritchie, delivers with amazingly intelligent humor, creative use of slow motion effects, and a mind-teasing story that is reminiscent of the classic books of the great detective.

The setting is Europe in 1891 during the height of industrialization. The movie begins with Irene Adler [Rachel McAdams] carrying a suspicious package through the bustling streets of London. Here, we catch a glimpse at Holmes’ [Robert Downey Jr.] impeccable talent for disguises as he intercepts Adler while donning the appearance of a Chinese merchant.

After a quick tussle with Adler’s Bodyguards, Holmes proceeds to intercept the package which unsurprisingly turns out to be a bomb. Holmes quick disposal of the bomb was in vain as the aristocrat that the bomb was intended for was killed by discreet methods. This throws Holmes on a wild goose chase with all the clues pointing to one man – Professor James Moriarty, a highly intellectual man who utilizes his gifts for evil purposes. After a refusal to aide Holmes due to an upcoming wedding, Dr. John Watson [Jude Law] finally gives in as an agreement that this would be the last time the duo would work together.

Downey’s portrayal of the detective is spot on, as his attitude and wit are almost insane in nature. Along with Jude Law’s stern performance of Dr. Watson, the two make for one of the best comedy duos around. Their cleverness is apparent throughout the film as well, which makes for a jaw dropping experience when confusing scenes are suddenly explained through moments of flashbacks that run through Holmes’ head.

The use of slow motion in the film is spot on, as it helps to capture the ferocity of the action scenes. Unlike other action blockbusters, the use of slow-mo in this movie was not scattered and random. Ritchie makes a very refreshing and artfully appealing adaptation to the original stories.

The soundtrack in “A Game of Shadows” doesn’t differ much from the first movie. However, it still adds flavor and a comedic element to each scene. The music is very string-instrument-heavy which gives it that old European-style feel.

Even with the success of the last movie, this sequel deserves it’s top box office spot for it’s satisfying action sequences and intelligent humor. The movie also leaves room for a potential third installment, as it ends discreetly with a “The End?”

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Holmes makes an explosive comeback with witty humor