‘The Walking Dead’ season 7 preview: Who dies at the hands of Negan?

Fans have been waiting in anticipation since the finale of season six to see who gets killed

After the much anticipated introduction of the character Negan, “The Walking Dead” fans are anxiously waiting for Sunday night’s season seven reveal. At the end of season six, the show left fans at a huge cliffhanger when viewers found out that one of the shows main characters will die. The scene starts with Negan saying he will kill a member of Rick’s group and then cuts after showing Negan picking his victim while the camera is in perspective of the victim.

Some theories exist as to who Negan killed. The most popular one is that Negan will follow the comics and kill Glenn. Another theory is that Negan kills more than one member of Rick’s beloved group. Either way die-hard fans will be crushed by the loss of one of their favorite characters.

A few weeks ago, AMC released its latest season preview for “The Walking Dead.” The preview shows Negan hinting to have killed one of Rick’s right hand men. Rick is still on his knees but has blood splattered on his face which looks to be from his left hand side, and to the left of Rick are Glenn, Michonne, Maggie, Abraham, Daryl and Rosita. The blood splatter couldn’t have been right next to him, which eliminates Maggie, and it can’t be too far away from him, which eliminates Glenn and Rosita. It has to be right in the middle of the group where Abraham, Michonne and Daryl are. Abraham is the closest one of the three to Rick, so it’s most likely him.

Ever since coming to the show, Abraham has gotten a lot of love from the fans. He has not had as big of a role in the show than he had in the comic books. You could almost say that the addition of him was a bit of a disappointment, so the show could look to end his tenure.

Although Maggie is right next to Rick, she is probably the one with the second most odds to die. She has seen a decreased role in the last season and if the show wants to switch things up, they could kill Glenn’s wife, Maggie, rather than killing him like they did in the comics. That would have the most effect on the show because Maggie is pregnant and was recently reunited with Glenn.

Don’t expect the show to kill Michonne because everybody loves Michonne and the producers would get a lot of negative feedback for killing one of the shows most popular characters. She has been one of the most featured characters since joining the show at the end of season two and is Carl’s, Rick’s son, best friend.