Farmer Fiction: ‘Glass Sword’ shatters readers’ expectations

Second book in series offers new action packed drama and character development

Courtesy of HarperCollins.

Courtesy of HarperCollins.

Get ready for another exciting battle aspiring Scarlet Guard soldiers because the thrilling story continues in the second book of the “Red Queen” series, “Glass Sword.” Author Victoria Aveyard published yet another masterpiece with new characters, surprises, powers and even a plot twist ending.

The story starts off immediately where the first book in the series, “Red Queen,” left off. Captain Farley, a close friend to Mare and a high ranking officer in the Scarlet Guard, helped Mare and Cal escape the dangerous trap Maven, the king of Norta and Cal’s younger half-brother, caught them in. But their protection doesn’t last for long as the Scarlet Guard travels through the city to freedom. Maven isn’t playing games and he’s angry with their escape. He will do anything to have Mare in his hands and his brother’s blood spilling before his feet. Cal internally struggles going from the rightful heir of the throne to a Silver criminal for killing his father, the former king of Norta. Regardless of the fact that Queen Elara, Maven’s mind controlling mother and Cal’s stepmom, made Cal slice the head off of his own father, Maven tells the kingdom otherwise.

With nowhere else to go, Cal is inadvertently forced to stay with the Scarlet Guard in a war he had no intention on starting. Although, both Mare and Cal quickly learn there is more than meets the eye to this top secret underground organization. Aveyard even reveals a little more into Captain Farley’s personal life with the introduction of Farley’s father who is also the head captain of the Scarlet Guards. Farley isn’t as strong as she seems to be. After all, everyone takes orders from someone.

Reds aren’t supposed to have Silver powers making it Mare’s new goal to collect and find other “Newbloods,” red blooded people who also have Silver powers, before Maven does. If she doesn’t, he will kill every last one of them until she surrenders. Throughout her quest she struggles with new information she learns along the way and realizes the war she started is more than she thought she could handle with countless lives on the line. She has become a figurehead for her cause and made a new name for herself allowing her to be a major part of the Scarlet Guard and make executive decisions. The Scarlet Guard needs her to win this war, and without her they have nothing.

Mare and Cal’s relationship quickly becomes a fan fictional favorite relationship among readers. It’s not an overdone lovey-dovey relationship, but instead is based on their appreciation for each other. They’re always there for each other when they need it, even when they push each other away. They promise to keep their feelings for each other hidden which only makes the moments where they come together that much more special and heart melting. They’re both warriors. They don’t have time for feelings, but they’re both still humans and everyone needs to feel something from time to time. Cal definitely doesn’t see her as the helpless little girl, but he loves her enough to treat her as one. Cal is goals honestly. Girls, get a guy like Cal.

Cameron is a new character Aveyard later introduces and she greatly impacts the story when it comes to character maturity. It  makes the reader understand Mare’s maturity level when compared to Cameron who is also a young teen. Even though Mare is 18, she thinks more like a soldier would compared to the average 18 year old. She doesn’t have time to waste because she always needs to be one step ahead of everyone else.

The introduction to Mare’s supposedly dead brother, Shade, really helps Mare’s character grow. She learns to trust again and realizes how important family really is. Between Shade and Cal always watching over her, it’s surprising she ever got hurt in the first place. She can’t afford to lose these people in her life because war is starting to take its mental toll on her. She starts to see herself as a weapon more than a person. A glass sword is dangerous to the eyes but fragile to the touch. She can’t take much more.

It’s always a plus when the book surpasses the previous book in the series, and readers easily feel as if “Glass Sword” did just that. There is so much more character development, background information, intricacy and action. “Glass Sword” is everything readers could want and more. It’s hard not being a part of Mare’s adventure which is why waiting for this book to come out was so painful for many fans.

The book deserves 5 out of 5 stars for a story line that keeps readers on the tips of their toes. It only makes them wonder what Aveyard has in store for the third book of the series, “King’s Cage,” which was released on Feb. 7, 2017.