Review: 10°F rolls into town

Customers may give new ice cream spot the cold shoulder


With the introduction of 10°F, this might be Vista Ridge Mall’s last chance at trying to get people through the doors. Ice cream rolls, the new internet sensation, have finally come to Lewisville, but they’re not everything they’re hyped up to be.

Only one size is offered and each cup is about $7. The process to prepare the ice cream also takes approximately 10 minutes per cup, and that’s not counting any time spent waiting in line.

Customers get a choice of three flavors for their ice cream. One is a base flavor that is the actual ice cream, and the two extra flavors include options like Oreos and fruit that get blended into the ice cream.

Overall, it was a cool experience to watch the employees make the ice cream rolls. The ice cream barista pours a measured amount of cream, determined by the base flavor a customer chooses, and pours it on the cold plate. Then the barista adds the two other flavors on top before mashing them together until they’re creamed with the base flavor. For the next three minutes the barista flattens and stirs the cream until it thickens up from the cold plate. Finally, on the last stir the barista flattens out the cream into a thin square where he scrapes it into rolls before placing them in a cup. Customers then get a chance to add toppings including hot chocolate, caramel, whipped cream and nuts.

The ice cream itself was unusual simply because they’re rolls of ice cream. They tasted like ice cream but had the consistency of cold, wet play dough. 10°F is definitely no substitution for ice cream if that’s what you’re craving, but it is an option if you’re in the mood to try something new.