Review: JMBLYA falls short of expectations

This year’s mediocre music festival was held at cramped Fair Park grounds in Dallas on May 4


Savannah Reid

The crowd enjoys a performance from Migos on Friday, May 4 at the Fair Park grounds in Dallas.

JMBLYA is a music festival where different rappers come together and perform their songs. This year’s artists consisted of Migos, Playboi Carti, Trippie Redd, Ski Mask The Slump God, J Cole and Young Thug at the Fair Park grounds in Dallas on Friday, May 4.

The concert was decent, to say the least. People had different opinions regarding whether it was worth it or not, but overall it wasn’t what people expected it to be. JMBLYA replaced two of the rappers, Cardi B and Kevin Gates, on the original lineup last minute. A few were excited to see the two artists but unfortunately, they weren’t able to make it and were replaced by Young Thug and T.I., even though T.I. hasn’t produced a song in years. Despite the last minute change up, it was still enjoyable to see both artists perform.

Fair Park was an awkward venue for JMBLYA; two different stages were right next to each other so that each set had enough time to set up on the stage. Fans struggled moving from one stage to another considering how packed it was because everyone was going toward the same place. It was also difficult to see or hear the artists from the back because people were standing all around, blocking views of the stage.

Truthfully, the lineup was probably the best thing about the festival. The artists were fun to watch, but Migos and Playboi Carti were late to perform and each artist only performed for about 30 minutes. It was tiresome standing and waiting for them, only to rush to the other stage and watch another artist perform. The weather was also humid outside which made it worse, keeping in mind on how crowded it was.

Before JMBLYA was even over, everyone was ready to go home taking into consideration how tiring it was. Numerous people left before J Cole even got on stage. Once the crowd was informed of Migos’ late arrival the event started to die down and wasn’t as entertaining, compared to the beginning when people were actually excited. A large amount of people were tired of being bunched up in one section waiting for artists to perform.

While JMBLYA provided a fun, one-time experience, it wouldn’t be something worth going to again. For those wanting to experience a festival close to home that features charting and upcoming musicians, JMBLYA is a good option. That is, if they don’t mind being in a crowded place for several hours.