Review: Echosmith’s ‘Inside a Dream’ tour leaves small impression

American-pop band delivers simple concert


Madison Ward

Echosmith brings joy to the crowd starting off the concert with "18."

After their debut with the song “Cool Kids” in 2013, Echosmith rose through radio plays and gained mainstream attention. They recently released their new single “Over My Head” and kicked off their “Inside a Dream” tour including a stop at Granada Theater on Friday, May 4. Echosmith is a band made up of the four Sierota siblings: Sydney as the lead singer, Noah as the bass guitar, Jamie as the guitarist and Graham as the drummer.

The venue itself was dark and gloomy. It was a small theater and had nine different sections for people to loiter while the musicians prepared. The first opener, Jena Rose, started at 8 p.m. and was a bit of a disappointment with her mellow sounding voice and lack of uniqueness. Although she wasn’t anything special, it seemed that most of the crowd was there for her.

The second opener, The Score, started at 8:40 p.m. and amazed the crowd with their alternative sound. They excited the audience by involving fans in a contest based on cheers. The crowd’s average age was around 30 and most of them were drinking alcohol. This was strange because most pop concerts normally are made up of teenagers.

Echosmith kicked off the concert at 9:30 p.m. with their song “18.” It started with Jamie hitting the extra bass drum that was hanging off to the side as the crowd anticipated what was going to happen next. Then Sydney joined her band mates on stage and canons blew confetti into the air as everyone screamed with joy. Once all siblings were on stage and Echosmith began their portion of the concert, it actually became somewhat bearable.

After their performance of their track “Bright,” Sydney left the stage to have a costume change which was longer than it should’ve been. The audience had to wait a full five minutes for the lead singer to come back to the stage in tight sequin pants and a crop top. Once she finally came back, she also had a parasol, a Chinese umbrella, as she performed “Talking Dreams.” Halfway through the song Sydney brought a fan on stage to dance with her as the crowd cheered.

During the track “Goodbye,” Jena came out from backstage with huge clear balloons filled with confetti. As 10 balloons went into the crowd she and Sydney took turns popping the balloons on each other as the song went on making the audience laugh. The only negative aspect about the balloons is that fans closer to the stage kept pushing them up leaving the fans in the back not able to participate.

Echosmith ended the night with their debut single, “Cool Kids,” and a giant confetti bash. Despite the mediocre openers, the concert deserves 3/5 stars because Echosmith delivered a decent evening.