Review: ‘Love Yourself’ tour has fans appreciating themselves

BTS performs in Fort Worth for the first time


Madison Ward

BTS performing "I'm Fine" at the Fort Worth Convention Center.

After releasing “Love Yourself: Answer,” BTS (also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan or Bangtan Boys), a K-pop group made up of seven members (Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook), kicked off its sold out Love Yourself World Tour. With 12 stops in America, BTS stopped in Fort Worth for two days on Sept. 15 through 16 at the Fort Worth Convention Center.

Before the concert, fans lined up early in the morning or even days before. They sold light sticks, also known as ARMY bombs, that can sync to the lights during the concert; BTS staff could control these during the concert. The light sticks show fans the ultimate fan experience at a BTS concert and it helps to be able to connect with other attendees. There were pairing stations where staff workers could help fans with their light sticks.

All the lights shut off and BTS raised from under the stage and started to perform their new hit “Idol.” Their dance was all in sync and fans screamed at the top of their lungs. Their voices were flawless and it was only the beginning of the concert.

After their performances, BTS rushed off the stage while a short video featuring visuals of Hoseok and Jungkook introduced their solos. Hoseok brought his amazing dance moves and excitement to display during his own song, “Trivia 起 : Just Dance.” While Jungkook sang his song “Euphoria” which was calm and had fans harmonizing together. After their solos were finished, the rest of the group gathered on the stage to sing “I Need U” and “Run.”

A second video played and featured Jimin and Namjoon in adorable clips fans couldn’t help but awe. Right after their solos finished, the remaining members joined them on stage to perform their hit “DNA” which started the Love Yourself Era.  

Then they announced they would be doing a medley of songs they hoped all fans would sing and dance to. The medley consisted of “Attack on Bangtan,” “Boyz with Fun,” “Fire,” “Silver Spoon” and “Dope.” Each song was cut shorter but they all blended with smooth transitions that made the fans go crazy with flashbacks of older songs.

After the medley finished, they returned backstage for Taehyung to get ready for his solo. The virtual reality videos showed Taehyung as mysterious throughout his whole video and the fans couldn’t wait for him to come on stage. His song “Singularity” had a smooth sound everyone could enjoy as the music flowed through his body and delivered the audience a mysterious performance they’ve been waiting for.

Once their performance of “FAKE LOVE” came to an end, it was time for Yoongi and Seokjin to perform the last two solos. Yoongi went first with his track “Trivia 轉: Seesaw.” This track was slower than most of his songs that he has done before but he still blew it away. Seokjin started his solo “Epiphany” on the far left stage with a piano as all the light sticks slowly turned blue for him. His vocals were amazing and all the fans harmonized with him. Jin really showed the power of his voice during his unforgettable performance.

All vocalists joined together to perform the heart breaking song “The Truth Untold;” the mood changed once the keys of the piano were heard and everyone began to sing along. Afterwards the rappers got on stage to sing “Outro: Tear” which was their version of “The Truth Untold” but instead had the fans yelling the lyrics to the fast beat.

BTS then gathered on stage to perform their most-known song, “MIC DROP,” which changed the mood completely and made everyone hyped before they ran backstage to change for their final goodbye.

After the screams from fans, BTS finally appeared to perform their final three songs and say their goodbyes. Namjoon made sure their fans know how much BTS truly loves them and that they need to also love themselves before saying “We’re in Fort Worth but you guys are my first worth” which had the fans dying from laughter.

Although the merch sold out quickly, the BTS Love Yourself Tour is truly an unforgettable experience whether it’s the connection with BTS or the amazing effects with the lights and smoke. After singing 28 songs, BTS truly threw one of the best concerts and connected with their fans.