Review: ‘Amo’ surprises fans with new styles

Bring Me The Horizon releases sixth studio album

Courtesy of Columbia Records.

Courtesy of Columbia Records.

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British rock band Bring Me The Horizon released its sixth studio album, “amo,” on Friday, Jan. 25, 2019. Fans anticipation grew when the album wasn’t released on its initial release, Friday, Jan. 11, 2019.

“Amo” includes 13 tracks where each song has a contrasting style to it. “MANTRA,” “medicine” and “nihilist blues” had released music videos prior to the album. The music videos has visuals that are both interesting and unique in comparison to their old work.

“MANTRA” was the first song shown to the public. The song has impressive guitar chords and drumming at the beginning which is then followed by a melancholic tone with Oliver Sykes’ voice. The lyrics are catchy and go well with the instrumentals. Even though this song was well composed, a majority of fans were dissatisfied with it because of the bands new sound. Bring Me The Horizon used to be considered heavy metal which is why fans are not used to it; although it isn’t hard rock, it still contains a sense of their old style.

Vocalist Sykes shared the news on the 2014 APAM’s (an award-winning show) on July 21, 2014 that he could no longer scream because he was damaging his vocal chords. The damage done to Syke’s vocal cords would lead the band to adapt to another style. The new style had the biggest impact on former listeners as they weren’t used to it nor a fan of.

Even after a significant amount of backlash, “Medicine” was uploaded on YouTube shortly after “MANTRA.” “Medicine” by far has the weirdest visuals. The video consisted of peculiar graphic visuals which left the fans confused yet amused. Out of all the songs on the album, fans loved this one the most because of its electronic sound. “Medicine” had a interesting choice of auto tune in the song. The lyrics showcased Sykes’ emotions well regarding his past failed relationships and friendships.

Electronic music had a huge influence in this albums creation. In “nihilist blues” featuring Canadian singer Grimes, it seems as if the song was almost made for a rave. Sykes showcases his outstanding vocal range abilities in this song which goes well with Grimes’ unique sound. This song can easily be repeatedly over and over and be enjoyed just as much each time. “Nihilist blues” is definitely another one of the songs that can be easily liked by a majority of people because of its catchy tune.

Overall, the “amo” was significantly discrete from their previous albums. Although Sykes has lost the ability to scream, he hasn’t lost the ability to produce great music. Fans will argue this is one of their worst albums due to the distinct tunes but others will argue it is one of their best. Regardless of the controversy regarding the comments about how much the band has changed, “amo” receives a 5/5 stars. The album was well put together and features a couple of styles which makes it enjoyable for a variety of audiences.

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