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Here are the Harry Potter movies ranked in celebration of Harry Potter Day


Valerie Benzinger

The Harry Potter movies lay stacked on a table in order of their ranking.

In celebration of Harry Potter Day, here are all eight of the Harry Potter movies ranked from worst to best. Keep in mind the rankings are based solely on the movie adaptations of the books, not the actual series itself. So kick back, grab some popcorn and a Butterbeer as we’re about to tell you what to look for before you start your magical movie marathon.

“Chamber of Secrets” (2002)

The “Chamber of Secrets” was simply not as interesting as the other movies, lacking the complexity in characters the other films had. Granted, Harry and his friends have only just begun their adventures at Hogwarts but the film just wasn’t up to par with the others. Now don’t get it wrong, all of the movies are great. However, even the greatest works in history have their flaws.

“Sorcerer’s Stone” (2001)

Second to last is unfortunately the movie which started it all. While the magical fun and innocence of this film is appreciated, “Sorcerer’s Stone” falls short in action and thrills. Being the first in the series, the special effects of the spells aren’t as breathtaking as the newer films and don’t fully immerse the viewers into the magical world.

“Goblet of Fire” (2005)

Satisfying our crave for action, “Goblet of Fire” throws the audience into sequences of dragon fighting, mermaid blasting and running through deadly mazes. The events in the film are also the first in the series where the fun and magical school we’re used to starts to become dark and interesting with the return of “You Know Who.” While the action is much appreciated, the movies above this one have a stronger story and addition to the overall plot of the series.

“Half-Blood Prince” (2009)

The “Half-Blood Prince” is exceptional in transitioning the movies to the darker, serious tone as we see here and in both the “Deathly Hallows.” Being the sixth movie in the series, the characters have had time to develop in complexity. The way the actions of the characters in this movie are shown start to affect the viewer on an emotional level. There are, however, a few moments in the film involving teenage drama that aren’t quite as cared for as the rest of the film.

“Deathly Hallows Part One” (2010)

As viewers follow the golden trio on their hunt for horcruxes, they worry for the characters’ safety while at the same time long for their victory. Although this movie approaches the end of the series, viewers become excited to see how the group will stand up to defeat the Dark Lord and how they find themselves the way out of numerous sticky situations that are thrown at them.

“Order of The Phoenix” (2007)

In the “Order of The Phoenix,” the viewers watch Harry and his friends start to develop into mature, advanced witches and wizards. They’re at the time in their lives when they realize they aren’t kids anymore and decide to take matters into their own hands to do what’s right. The special effects were spectacular, making magical moments such as the patronus scene significantly more memorable.

“Deathly Hallows Part Two” (2011)

The last but certainly not least movie of the series is definitely one to remember. This movie perfectly captures the grief, loss, anger and severity of a war happening in the wizarding world, making the viewers feel pain of the brilliantly portrayed characters. With the conclusion of the golden trio’s magical journey, viewers try not to be sad that it has ended, but happy it happened.

“Prisoner of Azkaban” (2004)

Taking first place over all the other films, “Prisoner of Azkaban’s” clever use of Hermione’s Time Turner blew fans away. The time travel in the movie is interesting while still remaining easy to follow, unlike other movie attempts at time travel, which can be confusing. The director’s cuts to line up the past and the present in one scene works extraordinarily well and makes for an element landing this movie at the top of this list.