Showing off their moves

Farmerettes prepare for start of competition season

While attending their competitions can be difficult because of their length, the Farmerettes organized a performance to show off their routines for the season back to back for the community to enjoy on Wednesday, Jan. 29.

“I think show-offs [are] important because it’s kind of a dress rehearsal for the Farmerettes,” head coach Kimberly Sheeran said. “They [got] to run through the dance for the first time in costume with makeup, with hair done [and] with an audience. How you perform with an audience is very different from how you perform without an audience.”

With some success, their previous competition season wasn’t up to par for the team. As well, it was Sheeran’s first year as head coach which pushed back arrangements for the season. With added preparations this year and newly-formed elite teams which adds another competition to the two they usually do, they were still proud of what they competed with.

“It was good,” senior Farmerette lieutenant Carolyn Vaughan said. “We definitely had our learning curves with the director shift but I feel like all in all, we put pieces on the floor we were really proud of.”

Besides memorization and practice on their side, the group has also created a tight-knit bond between one another. The stress and anxiety everyone experiences throughout contest season pulls them together, making the relationship the dancers need into a natural aspect of the team.

“I’m always on the peripheral view but I believe the bond of being a Farmerette is very strong,” Sheeran said. “Once you’re a Farmerette, you’re always a Farmerette. We’re just our own little circle and we keep it close.”

The continuous planning and cleaning of dances serves the team well during their contest season. Their strong friendship and long hours they’ve worked to perfect their routines will all come into use during this time. On Saturday, Feb. 1, the team will participate in their first competition at Centennial High School with two more on the following weekends.

“I love competition season,” senior Farmerette captain Taylor Dill said. “Throughout my four years on the team, during competition season, we all grow so much closer. We are one big family.”