Column: The disturbing reality about school

'School made me develop bad habits.'


Josselin Ramirez

"School affects students’ mental health."

Every day,

It’s the same cycle.

If I’m lucky enough,

I’ll have a chance to sleep.

When misfortune encounters me,

The bags under my eyes continue to weigh

Down and down

And they become

Darker and darker.

Staying awake for long hours

Is emotionally draining.


School made me develop bad habits.

In a way, it ruined me.

Every day,

I arrive home

And I begin homework.

I spend most of the time in my room.


All the time.


In the beginning of my high school years,

My stress levels would become so high.

And I would become so low.

When I watched my grade drop,

My stress levels

Went higher



As if I had some

Sort of weight

On my shoulders,

Drowning my body

Further down




Nobody ever talks about the struggles of students.

Nobody ever talks about how many students beat themselves up for trying to achieve a certain grade or maintain a certain GPA.

Nobody ever talks about the bags and dark circles students have under their eyes.

Nobody ever talks about how many students become depressed over school.

Nobody talks about it.


There is a certain goal parents expect you to achieve.

And every time I drew further away from the goal,

It crushed me.

It made me feel like a failure.

School affects students’ mental health.

The truth is,

School is hard.

School isn’t for everyone.

And the reality is,

School hurts.